Wheel Refurbishment

Do you have a damaged alloy wheel on your vehicle?
Replacing it is likely to be expensive – but you might not need to.

At Crama Coachworks, our alloy wheel technicians are skilled in repairing damaged wheels, using the latest technology to remove buckles and dents.

If your wheel is safely repairable, we can get it looking as good as new again for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

A damaged alloy wheel will spoil the appearance of your vehicle, affect its value, and left unchecked might lead to further problems, including issues with tyres, wheel bearings, drive shaft, suspension and steering. Some types of damage can also be a safety hazard, and may result in your vehicle failing its MOT test.

While you may be able to see obvious visual signs of damage, there are other indicators which could mean you have a buckled or dented alloy wheel. These might include:

  • experiencing vibrations when driving
  • noticing uneven tyre wear
  • having difficulty balancing a wheel

Crama Coachworks can also undertake repairs to diamond cut wheels, using a refurbishment technique which, until the final diamond cutting stage of the process, is the same as that used for standard painted wheels.

For advice or to book a wheel refurbishment

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