Dent Removal

At Crama Coachworks we use a process called Paintless Dent Removal or PDR.

PDR is a process that removes minor, medium or hail stone dents on cars and other vehicles without the need for body filler or paint.

There are two main methods of Paintless Dent Removal.

  • Manipulation.
    This technique involves technicians gaining access behind the dented area, then using specially designed tools to manipulate the area and remove the dent. This dent repair method is very difficult to learn and takes months upon months to be able to repair a minor dent back to the perfect shape.

  • Glue Pulling.
    This technique involves using glue tabs and a glue puller. The technique is used where access to the dent, with bars is difficult or requires excessive trim removal, common places include the roof, the bars along the top and sides of doors and other areas sometimes with restricted access.

Both methods involve the use of a specialist reflector board, to see exactly were the tip of our tool is or where to place the glue tab.

This is a highly skilled job and should NOT be attempted by an untrained person, as this will make the repair harder or impossible to complete.

In most cases, these methods of dent removal produce an almost invisible repair and sometimes even 100% invisible and never to be seen again.

Crama Coachworks can repair dents most customers thought were impossible to remove, sometimes even when they have been told by other companies or car body shops that a new panel would be required.

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