Tyres and MOT

UK law requires that your vehicle is fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for the vehicle you are driving and for the purpose it is being used. This means that you are responsible for not only fitting the right tyres but also ensuring that they are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central 3/4 of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre.

For safety reasons it is recommended that you replace your tyres before the legal limit is reached. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing at 3 millimetres.

There are serious consequences of driving with damaged or worn tyres:

  • You invalidate your vehicle insurance policy
  • Your vehicle will fail it's MOT
  • You could be issued with a fixed penalty notice for each tyre that is defective
  • You could receive penalty points on your driving licence for each tyre that is defective
  • You could have heavy fines imposed upon you for each tyre that is defective
  • You could be disqualified from driving

We stock all major brands of tyres so can be certain to find one that meets with your requirements and budget. Mid and premium ranges all catered for.

tyre guide

To find out what tyres you require for your vehicle, look at the sidewall of your current tyres, as shown above and make a note of the long reference number which will be in the format:-

  • Width (numbers)
  • Profile (numbers)
  • Rim Size (letter and numbers)
  • Load Rating (numbers and letter)
  • Speed Rating (letters)

e.g. 225/40/R18 99Z

Let us know the reference number for your tyres when you book your appointment, so we can be sure to have them in stock.

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